rob weiker

Fly tier, half ass photographer and a hard working guide. I live in Whitefish Montana where I enjoy tying flies, taking pictures and taking people fishing for a living. 
My flies are designed and tied with guiding in mind. Trout must eat them, they must not fall apart and they must be different than the other flies in the fly shops. Color changes, material changes, subtle tweaks of traditional patterns and always looking for something that makes it hard for the trout to say “No” are my concepts in tying flies. All flies will catch fish but some days some patterns work better than others. 

Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time. I’m definitely no professional photographer I do manage to get a good picture now and then… Take enough pictures and eventually one will turn out great! I love messing with lighting and depth of field in my pics.

Rob Weiker

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Phone Number – 406-291-3916